Let us make pregnancy an occasion when we appreciate our female bodies.

*Merete Leonhardt-Lupa

Evidenced-Based Childbirth Education Classes and Certified Doula Care

The process of giving birth is a normal and natural process. It is not an illness but yet a right of passage.

  • Understand a woman's natural physiological process while pregnant, during labor and in the first 6-8 weeks following the birth.
  • Your low-risk pregnancy and keeping it that way.

This moment will be forever remembered and a major milestone. Interrupting this delicate process causes unnecessary apprehension and tension.

  • Learn how to best support a mother in labor and birth.
  • Work with your body, not against it.

Through education and practice, fear is relinquished to courage and strength. The courage to make informed decisions and the strength to bring your child earth side.

  • Use informed-consent as a tool to assist in a safe and satisfying birth experience.
  • Practice makes perfect when preparing for any athletic event and birth is no exception.

During this intimate occasion, a mother should be treated with respect, compassion and integrity at all times.

  • Classes are an essential investment in the future of the child and the mother.
  • Strengthen the bonds made moments after birth during “the sensitive period”.


  • Are you looking for a birth experience to empower yourself and enrich your family?
  • Do you want more than the cookie cutter experience most women are handed?
  • Are you considering a VBAC?

Through discussion, videos, handouts and reading materials I want to build your confidence to make informed decisions concerning your health and the health of your child. You are the one who cares most for your child so it comes to reason you should be informed of these choices before emotions are at their peak and you feel you have no choices.